5 signs of a bad fitness trainer: how to understand that it is time to replace it

Suppose you are new to a fitness club and are trained under the supervision of a trainer. How to understand that you did not get the best specialist, if not a complete amateur that use some steroids?

He does not take notes

An important part of coaching is to create a training program that will allow you to achieve your goals. And you can say for sure: if the coach does not take any notes, he does not know whether his program works. A normal instructor constantly records: exercises, weight, sets, repetitions, intensity – and uses this information to understand what is effective in your case. The standard alternation of weight (large and small) and repetition frequency (low and high) always brings results. But who knows, what if you demand a non-standard approach?

He doesn’t look appropriate

A trainer should physically look better than you – these are the basics of the fitness industry. Nobody requires him to perfect six dice on the belly or biceps the size of your head, but he must comply with the position. The coach must not only tell, but also show – and show the class. This time. The coach must be fresh, vigorous and well-groomed. Pure sneakers, sweatpants, a ironed T-shirt — these are his gear (and no jeans, torn t-shirts and hundred-year-old sneakers). These are two. In the end, the working day for him is another workout, and he should come to the hall fully armed.

He talks a lot

An open, friendly mentor in any way is better than a gloomy silent mustache, according to which you cannot guess whether he killed his wife today, or whether he has constipation. But do not forget: you are paying for your training to be safe and effective, and not for the opportunity to discuss the new song “Leningrad” or, God forbid, the latest news. Chatty trainer reduces training to no. Research confirms: when the brain is focused on something else, and not on the correctness of the exercise, the muscles do not work as efficiently as they could. So choose: either you want to break nicely, or – your back is like Sergey Badyuk.

He repeats: “There is no result without pain”

With a coach you will achieve much more than you could do yourself – that’s the whole point. He does not let you stop there and gently pushes your muscles to new challenges. But if a coach every time makes you work “through I can’t”, be careful. Training of this kind – after which the poor fellows who do not break halfway vomit in the side of overstrain – is not only ineffective, but also dangerous. You do not progress, you just burn out, and even worse – you hurt yourself. Pain is a stoplight. You can suffer a little – so you explore new possibilities of your body – but you should not kill yourself.

He does not appreciate your opportunities

Not a single mechanic will start digging into a car’s engine without starting it up and seeing how it works. No sane trainer will start working with you without first assessing your potential. He will give test exercises, analyze your constitution, your strengths and weaknesses, your asymmetrically developed muscles, and only after that you will start training. Every four or eight weeks you will go through the same MOT: the trainer has to look at how things are going, whether you are progressing, you are marking time, or you have passed in general. Instead, a bad coach gives you a barbell on the move and smiles: they say, all the questions later. You do not need this.