Barre fitness

Everything you need to know about training

Barre-fitness  – what has replaced Pilates, Zumba and workout. Although, in fairness, there is a direction barre-workout, so that the last statement may be a reason for discussion.

A new favorite among beginners, professionals, models and celebrities involves medium-intensity strength training in combination with ballet pas, pilates strengthening exercises and stretching from yoga. Simply put, all the best in 45 minutes.

If you thought that bodybuilders are necessarily used in training (otherwise where does this name come from?), Then you thought correctly, but not quite. The fact is that bodibar is really used in the class and is very active, except that he almost does not take part in the exercises. Its function is exclusively supporting. On the other hand, exercises often involve the use of rubber bands, ribbons, dumbbells, and small fitness balls.

Still have not heard anything about barre-fitness? Then it may be difficult for you to understand the advantages of these trainings. But with this we will help right now.

Posture and back strengthening

“The strong muscles of the back and shoulder girdle are what allows us to maintain our posture and not slouch. In the barre, the emphasis is just on these muscles, so after a few sessions, I guarantee, it will seem that you have become taller, ”says Byrdie personal trainer Leah Willoughby. In addition, the barre helps to strengthen the tiny muscles around the spine, relieving pressure and tension that you can feel in the lower back if you sit at the table all day.

Tightened buttocks

“Barre fitness is fiction and for strengthening the gluteal muscles,” Willoughby continues. – Of course, we are talking, first of all, about maintaining the entire body (and, therefore, the buttocks) in good shape. But not only”. Fitness expert explains that the work on creating beautiful priests, as it is built in the barre, allows you to work out the muscles that stabilize the pelvis. This, in turn, significantly reduces the pressure on the back, hips and knees.



Surprised? And that’s not worth it. Because barre fitness focuses on balance and strength, the stomach becomes an integral part of training. “When you use the abdominal cavity to level the body, you not only get bonuses in the sense of a flat stomach in the future, but also tune up your digestion, starting to breathe properly and allowing the organs of the system to take an optimal position,” explains Willloby.


The combination of stretching and trying to hold a pose for as long as possible leads to the fact that your flexibility develops in the most natural way. And no, you don’t have to be graceful and flexible, like a swan, a prima ballerina. But give yourself a few weeks at the training barre and you’ll see that you’ve already started to turn into it.

Stress relief

We know very well (thanks to the scientists) that physical activity helps reduce stress. But while yoga calms the mind best, HIIT is everything, the barre is somewhere in the middle.

“Barre is a mental challenge, as every movement here requires an increased level of attentiveness in order to remain engaged. And this is a great alternative to meditation, because your brain is so focused on every small movement that you simply cannot think of anything else, ”concludes Leah Willloby. As a result: you will leave the training session in complete peace of mind and with a feeling of absolute happiness. Try it!