Fitness for women

In 40 years in the body begin to occur processes that reduce the performance of various internal systems. On the one hand, it is obvious, on the other hand, every fitness person over 40 should remember this.

In recent years, the number of beginners to lead a sporting lifestyle of people older than forty years is growing. But, unfortunately, most of these people do not receive sufficiently qualified assistance in this matter, and the training sessions lose their effectiveness.

In women, age-related changes are specific, due to the approach of menopause, when hormonal activity gradually fades out.

Nowadays, the lower level of the onset of “normal” menopause has decreased to 44 years, but there are also cases of early menopause – in 40-43 years. In addition to the unpleasant symptoms that accompany menopause, reducing the production of female hormones many times increases the risk of developing a dangerous disease – osteoporosis, manifested in the “thinning” of bones. Fitness classes very well contribute to the prevention of osteoporosis, as they not only strengthen the processes of bone tissue regeneration, but also delay the onset of menopause and generally slow down the development of age-related changes.

The withdrawal of calcium from the bones is also accompanied by its deposition in the internal organs and on the walls of the blood vessels. In the presence of hypertensive changes, this leads to the hardening of the arteries and the development of atherosclerosis. Hormonal changes also do not help maintain the health of the circulatory system.

Properly organized fitness classes will help women in this difficult period to reduce their biological age, which means to maintain their health and slow down aging. Of course, those who started fitness at least five years earlier are in a more advantageous situation, but even if you have just “discovered” fitness, you still get the opportunity to improve your health and increase body resistance.

As for the figure, after 40 years, most women have problems with obesity.

These unnecessary kilos tend to be deposited in the most undesirable places, especially in the upper abdomen, on the thighs and buttocks. The figure at the same time every day more and more loses its attractiveness. This is a natural process caused by a slowdown in fat metabolism and hormonal changes in the body.

The body after 40 gradually loses flexibility, if nothing is done to maintain it, back pain appears, osteochondrosis occurs. All these unpleasant symptoms are caused by a decrease in muscle mass (in middle-aged women, the loss of muscle mass can be more than a third!) And the “preservation” of muscles due to a sedentary lifestyle. Simply put, muscle tissue loses not only proteins, but also water, shrinking. From this and osteochondrosis – due to the infringement of the nerve processes due to the weakening of the muscles holding the vertebrae.

All this, of course, happens when a woman does not monitor her diet and leads a passive lifestyle, without taking measures to speed up the metabolism, increase energy consumption and reduce muscle loss. Here is the role of fitness for women can not be overemphasized! If you exercise regularly, you will not notice that you have smoothly entered the age of balzak. You will save both your muscles, and strength, and body flexibility.

Fitness Secrets for Women Over 40

There are two points to which special attention should be paid to women after the age of 40: replenishment of calcium deficiency in the body and replenishment of protein loss. The calcium diet includes foods such as soy, milk, cottage cheese, cheese, sardines, celery. A sufficient amount of calcium in the body also helps burn excess fat. Click here to find perfect solution for you.

Increasing the proportion of protein foods in your diet will help you cope with the problem of loss of muscle mass. Therefore, you should eat more protein: from fish, poultry, meat, dairy and soy products. Add protein foods to your food gradually and gradually. As a result, in your daily diet, proteins should be about 30%.

As a result, in your diet, proteins should be 30%, carbohydrates – 40%, the rest – unsaturated fats: olive oil, fats from sea fish (cod, salmon, tuna) – and a small amount of animal fat (about 10%). Such a diet will help maintain hormonal balance and mood.

Enjoy training!

You should enjoy training, communication, and results achieved. Discover another source of positive emotions. Scientists have shown that the causes of overweight in women over 40 are not physical, but psychological!

Pay special attention to strengthening the muscles of the back: you will not only gain perfect posture, but also get rid of problems with the spine. Mind body, Pilates, yoga can be an ideal fitness for women after 40 years. A detailed description of these areas can be found at the link: lessons “Reasonable body.”

Your main means for maintaining health and maintaining a good figure is proper nutrition, movement, stress management and filling life with joy and meaning!

Well, the main rule! When you come to the fitness center, be sure to (!) Consult with the trainer how you can build your workout. Feel free to say that you are no longer 17! Have a good mood, good health and eternal youth!